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LWH Pit Bull Rescue predominantly partners with shelters across the State of Texas to rescue pit bull type dogs facing imminent euthanasia. On rare occasions, we will accept a stray dog or an owner surrendered pet.

Once accepted into our program, we make a lifetime commitment to our dogs. Each of our rescued pets are placed in foster homes (rather than shelter type environments) which gives us the opportunity to get to know each individual dog and his/her unique personality. Once we begin to understand each dog and their likes/dislikes, we start to formulate the ideal home environment(s) that would allow each individual dog to best succeed.

LWH Pit Bull Rescue believes firmly in the "Best Fit" model, that sets both our dogs and our adopters up for success. Unfortunately, this sometimes means that the dog an applicant may be interested in is determined to not be the right match. We ask that you understand our thought process and consider working with us on finding the best match for your home, should you not be selected and/or approved for your initial interest.

If you are interested in adopting one of our bullies, please complete our adoption application. Please be mindful that our rescue is run by a group of animal loving individuals who operate this rescue in our spare time after full time employment, higher education, and families of our own.

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