Here are the most commonly asked questions when deciding to foster!

Do I get to choose my foster?

While we always ask for input and interest from our foster families regarding the dogs seeking placement, we also ask that you be open to placement suggestions based on what you are willing to foster and what the specific dog(s) needs.

This said, we pull pit bulls into our program based on what our foster families can handle. We have fosters families who specifically foster puppies; nursing moms; adults; seniors; behavioral cases; surgical/medical; etc. We will work with you on placing fosters in your home that are the right fits for your environment and categories of support that you're interested in.

What happens after I complete the application?

Within 72 hours of submitting your application, you should receive an initial email from one of our team members. Please be sure to check your junk/spam if you do not see the email. To expedite your application, you can send pictures of your home and yard and veterinary records for any current pets to

We process all applications fully and correspond with each applicant letting you know whether or not you have been approved to foster.

What is the cost?

There is no expense passed onto our foster families for the care and keeping of our foster dogs. Our rescue provides all supplies and veterinary care for the animals in our program. We ask that you provide your time, home and love to our animals.

What if I can't foster longterm?

That's ok! We are always looking for temporary (14 days or less) and emergency placement fosters to help save lives or buy us time in a foster shuffle or adoption return situation.

Where can I foster?

We allow fosters all over the State of Texas, so long as we have a veterinary partnership set up in your area. Additionally, you must be willing to travel to pick up your foster dog(s) and/or supplies and we ask that you be amenable to adopters' locations and travel.

What are the expectations of me?

We ask that you invest time and energy into proper training (i.e., potty training, kennel training, basic obedience, etc.) when you foster a dog for our program. We are seeking to adopt out healthy, social and well behaved pit bull type dogs. Research has found that dogs who are trained or working on basic training are more likely to be adopted.

We also ask that you work with our rescue and/or the veterinary clinic in your area to keep your pet healthy, current on monthly preventatives and up to date on vaccines. Additionally, if your foster requires surgery, we ask that you arrange for your foster to get to the vet and that you follow proper post-op directions.

Lastly, we expect that you will send pictures of and information regarding your foster dog to us regularly so that we can pick the right home for your foster dog. This also includes being open for meet and greets and/or scheduled adoptions.

What if I fall in love?

That's GREAT! Given that the placement is the right match for our dog and your home, our foster families always get first priority when we select adoptive homes. This being said, we ask that you communicate regularly with our directors about your feelings and interest in adopting because we will not approve an adopter and then withdraw our approval at a later date.

What if I live in an apartment/have no fenced in yard?

Apartment dwelling/renting does not disqualify you from fostering, so long as your apartment complex/leasing agent/landlord does not have breed and/or weight restrictions. If they do and you have special permission to have a pit bull type dog in your dwelling, we will approve these on a case-by-case basis.

We will NOT change a dog's breed or otherwise fabricate any known history.

A fenced in yard is not a requirement, so long as you have a plan in place to properly exercise, train and allow your foster dog potty breaks.

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